Many companies have approached us for help organising and making use of the large quantities of data they generate through their business activities.

Data engineering

This involves, first, copying and cleaning up the raw data, and then making it easy to use.

Data science

The next step is to extract value from this data by transforming it to a form that enhances the performance of the user. This can be as simple as a chart, and as complex as a valuation model taking into account thousands of variables and adjusting itself continuously.

Data security

Multiple data breaches have recently affected billions of users of well known companies including Uber, eBay, Yahoo (3 billion users affected), Target, Equifax (half of all US citizen), or, closer to home, SingHealth.

We do not perform penetration tests nor offer tools. Instead, we thoroughly review your business at a high level, to help you structure it to be more resilient.

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Do your system administrators manually manage your IT operations? Are you finding it difficult to manage a large and growing codebase and infrastructure?

We can help you automate and solidify your operations and security, which covers auditing and creating a roadmap for:

  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Performance

This will kickstart the process towards giving your developers the ability to make changes quickly and autonomously, avoiding costly bugs and diagnosing problems when they happen.

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