Corentin Roux dit Buisson, CEO

Corentin Roux dit Buisson


Former VP BI, ZALORA Group
Built data science and BI
Market risk, FX at Louis Dreyfus
$50bn revenue, 40+ countries
Engineering, Cambridge University
Statistical learning, data modelling

Christopher Forno, CTO

Christopher Forno


Former Head of Engineering, ZALORA Group
Scaled ops to 9 countries with 100+ servers
Former Senior Engineer, DeviantArt
Alexa Top 100, team of 7
Private equity, hardware, language learning
Databases, global scale systems, security, AI

Cooper McGuire, Advisor

Cooper McGuire


COO and CFO at Skin Inc; CEO Golden Spike
Investor and executive, tech startups
Former COO, Ensogo Group
Former co-founder and CFO, ZALORA Group
from year 1 to acquisition
Goldman Sachs, NYC

Brian Johnson, Advisor

Brian Johnson


F&B entrepreneur
Gold medallist Australian Food Awards
Advisor to CFOs
inc. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac, IRESS
Special projects (e.g. de-merger)
Former Director, Goldman Sachs
Started NYC pre-IPO, 10+ years


The Singapore Data Company was founded by a number of former employees of Zalora (now Global Fashion Group), a multinational online retailer. It was set up to meet demand for help with data science work in particular, an area where Zalora had been a pioneer in the region.

From the outset, the company did not limit itself to consulting. For example, an early research project led to a machine vision-based automated crawling system that is currently under discussions for licensing with a number of retailers in the region.

As incoming projects diversified, we shifted focus from just data to the entire engineering ecosystem, which led to starting work on OptiDB, a means for users to build complex applications visually, without any technical knowledge, and on a sound technical basis already suitable for the large scale we have observed in some of our clients.